Karma (Inactive)

Karma as a community score is undergoing critical transitions and is currently under maintainence.

Are Brahma Vaults still operational?

Brahma Vaults have ceased operations to concentrate fully on Brahma Console. Users are advised to withdraw their funds promptly

What is Karma?

Karma is a work-drop system that links your on-chain profile to your actions within the Brahma community. While Karma was initially built to gate the community from spam, this unique score has now evolved to signal honest support. This will also enable you to access the token distribution mechanism in the future.

Claimed at any point from karma.brahma.fi

Currently, your Karma score will be updated on a weekly basis. No point GMing to check if your points compound overnight, just saying. There exists good and bad karma; the actions of which are upon members to navigate. Community members are consistently monitored and actively leveled upon reaching the “α” number of karmic points and given entry to the Degen Vaults.

How do I improve my Karma?

By doing good anon! We reward users on basis of their on-chain activity, how they interacted with other protocols, their “Degenscore” and of course how they interact with Brahma’s discord and Twitter community.

If you spam and spread hate you get negative karma, if you manifest positivity and take part in governance you get positive karma. Keep on compounding.

Compounding KARMA? Check your leaderboard rank at karma.brahma.fi/leaderboard

What's next for KARMA?

Karma as a community score is undergoing critical transitions and is currently under maintenance.

Previous interactions, activities, and scores are being stored duly and will be conferred in due time.

Meanwhile, connect your social profiles for instant updates and early access to Brahma Console.

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