Navigating Brahma Console

This guide aims to provide comprehensive assistance to start your Console journey.

Welcome to Brahma Console!

Your Console serves as your self-custodial smart wallet, customisable with your chosen owners, dedicated Sub-Accounts, granular polices and more

Console is currently live on Mainnet and Arbitrum via access-only invite and is open to everyone on Blast and Mode Network.

You can easily view your created Console on any blockchain explorer based on the chain or directly via

Once you have created your first Console, irrespective of the chain, here are your essential first steps to navigate easily.

Depositing Funds
  • To add funds to your Console, click on "Deposit" and follow the prompts.

  • Alternatively, initiate a transfer from your connected EOA by clicking "Send" and specifying the desired amount.

  • Deposit sufficient funds in Console's for gas payments. Select between ETH as your native gas token for a gasless experience.

Ownership and Settings
  • Access your settings to view Safe ownership details and configure threshold settings on your policies.

  • Maintain an Address book for easy access to frequently used contacts, simplifying transaction processes.

    a) You can either add a contact via the settings panel or head to the quick action menu.

    b) Alternatively, you can quickly create a contact while sending funds to another wallet

Create and Manage Sub-Accounts
  • Manage risk effectively by deploying Sub-Accounts within your Console.

  • Each Sub-Account is linked to your main Safe, providing a structured approach to separating responsibilities and mitigating risk.

  • Implement customised policies to restrict certain actions within Sub-Accounts, enhancing security measures.

  • Access the Control Panel to manage Sub-Accounts, transfer funds to and fro accounts, and review transaction history across all deployed accounts.

    Navigate here for guidance on Sub-Account creation and dive deeper into policies and operator permission management.

    Console Sub-Accounts are now available on Mainnet, Arbitrum and Mode, with upcoming Blast support.

Transaction Management & Processing

Transaction Builder Functionalities:

  • Employ the transaction builder for detailed transaction management, including precise control over transaction parameters.

  • Utilize the simulation feature to analyze transaction costs and potential outcomes before finalizing.

Batch Transaction Processing:

  • Combine multiple transactions into a single batch for enhanced efficiency.

  • Streamline interaction by signing multiple transactions simultaneously, reducing overall transaction processing time.

Interact with dApps on Console
  • Seamlessly connect to various dApps using Brahma Connect or Wallet Connect.

  • Brahma Connect offers multifaceted transaction capabilities within Console, enhancing user experience and efficiency.

    Here's a guide to help you get started.

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Supported Chains


Mainnet, Arbitrum, Mode


Mainnet, Arbitrum


Mainnet, Arbitrum, Mode (Soon)

Swap (Multiple Routes)


Mainnet, Arbitrum, Blast, Mode

Explore deeper features and functionalities through our detailed help guides.

If you have further questions or need additional support, you may check our comprehensive FAQs and reach out for support.

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