Getting Started on Mode

Console is openly accessible for all Mode users

Mode FAQs
  1. What features are currently available on Console for Mode users

Currently, users can access features such as swaps through Odos, TWAP functionality, Sub-Accounts for enhanced account management, and Brahma Connect in-app for streamlined transaction execution.

  1. What can Mode users expect in terms of upcoming features on Console?

Mode users can anticipate the development of lending automations for Ironclad, which will feature looping functionality for an improved trading experience.

  1. Are there any incentives for using Console with Mode?

Yes, users can earn up to 2x rewards on dApp interactions on Mode via Console

  1. How secure is Console for Mode users?

Console offers multisig powered by Safe, ensuring a robust self-custodial environment for users. Console is fully self-custodial, allowing users to retain control over their assets at all times.

  1. How does Console improve transaction speed and efficiency for Mode users?

By offering automation tools, such as batch transactions across dApps and fast-track position management, Console significantly boosts speed and efficiency for users navigating Mode.

Visit to deploy your Console.

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