Console's architecture is designed to enable a multi-party DeFi execution experience while ensuring security, flexibility, and efficient management of transactions.

Here's an overview of key components and their functionalities:

The central authority within a Console is the Main Account (the main imported or created Safe), whose on-chain owners exclusively hold administrative privileges (Console Owners). These administrators can create Sub-Accounts under the Main Console, a design that enables precise operational delegation, enhances risk compartmentalization, and streamlines management.

Holding the administrative control, Owners have the authority to create and manage Sub-Accounts, delegate specific tasks to external operators, and configure detailed transaction policies, shaping the Access Control configuration for each Sub-Account.

Console accommodates both direct user actions with Safes (such as connecting to dApps and executing transactions) and automated processes (Automations and Strategies). These two flows seamlessly integrate distinct facets of the Console architecture.

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