Blast Gold & Points

To foster engagement and synergy with Blast, the protocol rewards participants with Blast Points and Gold. Blast Points are allocated to ETH/USDB holders, while Brahma, being a platform developed on Blast, receives Blast Gold, which it then distributes to its users to encourage sustained growth and alignment with Blast's and Brahma's objectives.

This document details the reception and management of Blast Points and Gold within Brahma.

Blast Points Blast Protocol awards Blast Points to EOAs or configured contracts holding ETH/WETH or USDB. The accumulation of Points is linear, based on the ETH and USDB balances, following the guidelines set by Blast's official documentation.

Transferring ETH/USD to a smart contract enables the contract to accumulate Points over time, proportional to its ETH/USD balance.

As Brahma runs on Safe smart contract wallets owned by each individual users, Points are directly accrued by the users in their Console Safe wallet. Points accrued are automatically transferred to a chosen delegated wallet address by the user.

Blast Gold: Brahma will distribute 100% of all received Blast Gold to its users, aiming to fortify long-term loyalty and Brahma's standing within the Blast ecosystem.

Blast Gold serves as an additional incentive, augmenting Blast Points and other rewards, available exclusively to Brahma's or other protocols' users. Users earn Brahma Blast Gold by using Brahma Console as their way to interact with other Blast Protocols. Holding funds in Console, and operating on Blast protocols opening positions on them are rewarded with Blast Gold.

Brahma will allocate its Blast Gold to users with a linear distribution, with continuous balance and activity snapshots to accurately reward usage.

Blast Gold Contract & Operator: The designated contract and operator for Blast Gold are listed below:

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