Automations are tailored workflows with transactions programmed to execute when certain triggers (conditions) are met. Main console users authorise these automations to manage and execute designated actions on selected protocols, using the assets provided.

Console Automations allow users to automate future execution from their Console with a single signature, significantly reducing time and overhead for position management and coordination. For example, users can set up DCA or TWAP automations to schedule regular purchases or sales of their assets within the Console dashboard.

Examples include:

  1. Automated exit

  2. a. Trigger variable: asset price, pool liquidity, etc.

    b. Bundle: withdraw from position (close position), swap to x token

  3. Capital efficient (Buy the dip while farming) Withdraw USDC from a farming position and submit swap order to buy $ETH

  4. Trigger variable: $ETHUSD Price

  5. Bundle: Withdraw (or unstake + withdraw) + swap

To access Console Automations, users have to enable the Console Executor Module.

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