Getting Started on Blast

Brahma Console is now live on Blast mainnet. Whether you're a team looking for treasury management and trustless delegation or a power user seeking optimized transactions, Console is built for efficiency on-chain. Here's a quick guide to get you started:

1. Accessing Console

Navigate to to log in and access Console directly.

2. Getting Started

Upon login, proceed to deposit funds into your Console. Various features, including swaps, lending, and LPing, will soon be available on Console and will be integrated to improve on-chain efficiency on Blast.

Here’s a detailed onboarding guide to help you set up Console on Blast: Blast Onboarding User Guide.

3. 100% of Blast Gold Is Being Redistributed

  • To be eligible to earn Blast Gold, make sure to deposit a minimum of 1000 USDC or equivalent value of assets and hold USDB / WETH on Console

  • Earn Blast points with every interaction on Console. Multiply your points by swapping, lending, LPing, or automating DeFi workflows.

  • For every Console action (such as depositing and holding funds) and dApp interaction, users earn Blast Gold.

  • At present, Console is live and is working seamlessly with Ring Protocol, Orbit, and Juice Finance via the WalletConnect Module.

Console is the best way to interact with the Blast ecosystem, providing optimised execution, trustless delegation and layered rewards for Blast users.

Get started now:

Learn more:

Note: Blast is a newly launched network, so if you encounter any bugs or inconsistencies, report them via the help chat. Your feedback helps us improve.

Keep an eye on our Twitter @BrahmaFi for updates on referrals, incentives, and new features.

Building on Blast? Reach out to our team on Twitter or Discord for partnership opportunities.

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