dApp Connection and Execution

Brahma Console offers two distinct methods for connecting to decentralised applications (dApps): Brahma Connect and Wallet Connect. Each method caters to different user needs and compatibility requirements, ensuring a seamless interaction with the dApp ecosystem.

Brahma Connect stands out with its ability to batch multiple actions across various dApps into a single transaction, offering a powerful and efficient way to execute complex DeFi strategies. This method is ideal for users looking to maximise their on-chain activities' efficiency and speed. However, it's important to note that Brahma Connect may not be compatible with dApps that incorporate signature requirements within their flow or rely on off-chain APIs for functionality.

On the other hand, Wallet Connect provides a more universal approach to dApp interaction, supporting a wider range of applications, including those with signature requirements. While it doesn't offer the same batching capabilities as Brahma Connect, it remains a reliable and widely accepted method for connecting to dApps.

The compatibility of Brahma Console with dApps depends on several factors, including the need for smart contract wallet support and the dApp's architecture. Not all dApps support smart contract wallets. For a detailed list of compatible dApps and recommended connection methods, please refer to our compatibility page. If you find an incompatible dApp not listed, please reach out using the support chat on Console or on our Discord.

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