1. Access Control

The central kernel within a Console is the Main Account (the main imported or created Safe), whose Console owners exclusively hold administrative privileges. These administrators can establish Sub-Accounts beneath the Main Console, a design that enables precise operational delegation, enhances risk compartmentalization, and streamlines management. Holding the administrative control, Owners have the authority to manage the Access Control configuration for each Sub-Account, assigning Operators to specific Sub-Accounts, and authorising specific protocols, operations, and amounts that can be utilised by them.

  1. Execution

Console provides the flexibility of both manual and automated execution. In manual mode, users can directly interact with any application through the Console interface, initiating, simulating, and signing transactions—whether single or multi-step—from any account.

Console streamlines the entire execution process, managing gas prices, RPC routing, and the submission and completion of transactions. By eliminating the need for Owners or Operators to prefund gas, Console allows for gas fees to be settled from the main account using a variety of tokens, not limited to ETH.

  1. Automation

Console Automation improves on-chain operations by enabling users to configure automatic routines for recurring transactions, risk management and more with ease. By pre-authorising transactions and defining specific execution triggers, users can automate essential tasks directly from Console.

  1. Security

Console upholds the highest standards of security and seamlessly integrates with Safe, the most trusted smart contract wallet within the industry. By incorporating built-in features such as Sub-Accounts and the capability for contract pre-whitelisting, Console effectively mitigates risks at both the operator and protocol levels. With Tenderly’s transaction simulations, users can obtain a comprehensible output that includes key information on transactions, such as token balance changes and approvals.

  1. Accessibility

Users maintain uninterrupted access to their Safe Wallet via or interacting directly with Safe contracts. Regardless of Console's UI availability, they retain full control and ownership of their funds. This commitment to user autonomy differentiates Console from many existing custody solutions, providing users with superior control and access over their assets.

  1. Powerful UX

Console prioritises efficiency while ensuring convenience. It features a comprehensive analytics dashboard for a swift overview of positions and returns. Additionally, it includes a dedicated transaction builder that simplifies batched execution and simulation, providing predictive outcomes of transactions. Furthermore, the Protocol Registry attaches name tags to addresses involved in the transaction for easier identification and transforms real-time information into human readable format for ultimate transparency.

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