Sub-Account Detachment (Recovery)

Brahma has developed a decentralised recovery tool, hosted on IPFS, to streamline and standardize the process of managing SubAccounts. This tool facilitates the creation of a single batched transaction that executes all necessary actions to detach selected SubAccounts.

Users wishing to access their Sub-Account Safes via alternative frontends must first disable the Transaction Guard on their Safe. Additionally, it's crucial to ensure that the operators of the Sub-Account are either removed or altered, and replaced with the Main Safe owners when necessary, to maintain proper fund governance.

It's important to note that Console Sub-Accounts Safes come with a custom Transaction Guard installed by Brahma, which is necessary for enabling complex logic within Policies. These Policies can automatically screen transactions, blocking them if they don't meet specific criteria, thus providing an additional layer of security. However, this means that Sub-Account Safes are incompatible with alternative frontends that do not support the Policy Validation provided by the Console.

What is the Console Sub-Account Safe Detachment Tool?

This tool offers a simplified and efficient way to generate the necessary transaction file in json format for removing guards and policies from your Sub-Account Safes in a single batched transaction.

  • The transaction data prepared by the tool is fully compatible with the official Safe Transaction Builder for maximum accessibility.

  • Detaching Subaccounts allows you to independently manage and transact on them via the interface.

  • This tool is not a custom software or unique process; rather, it is a practical solution for easily detaching multiple Sub-Accounts from your Main Console Safe by preparing the transaction call-data automatically. While it's possible for users to manually create and execute such a transaction on, this tool streamlines and simplifies the process.

  • Brahma never has any ownership or signature rights on your Console Safes. Only the Main Safe owner can execute any transaction on their Console Main Safe, including this module transaction for detaching Sub-Accounts

  • This tool is hosted on IPFS and fully decentralised Please review the usage guide below and the overall Brahma docs.

Usage Guide: How to detach Console Subaccounts using this tool

Input Main Console Safe Address: Start by entering your main Console Safe address. This is the primary address associated with your Brahma Console account.

  • Automatic Sub-Account Detection: The tool will automatically detect all Sub-Accounts owned by your main Console Safe.

  • Select Sub-Accounts for Detachment: Choose the Sub-Accounts you wish to detach from Console. These are the accounts you intend to manage independently. The process will simultaneously:

    • Remove the Transaction Guard with Console Policy

    • Replace the Sub-Account operators with the Main Console Safe Owners. This makes the Main Console Safe Owners the Sub-Account direct owners, and removes the Console guard and Policy so any transaction can be executed by the owners.

    • Please note the recovery/detachment transaction does not instruct any action related to assets on the Sub-Accounts. Open positions, and assets are completely untouched.

  • Download the JSON File: After selection, download the JSON file generated by the tool. This file contains the necessary transaction call-data for detaching the selected Sub-Accounts.

  • Visit Navigate to and select the “Transaction Builder” option. - Upload the JSON File: Drag and drop the downloaded JSON file into the Transaction Builder. This will prepare the transaction for detaching your Sub-Accounts.

  • Simulate the Transaction: Before executing, simulate the transaction to ensure it processes correctly and thoroughly read and understand its effects. The Safe UI and Re-Define report will outline the steps taken.

  • Execute the Transaction: Confirm and execute the transaction. This step detaches the selected Sub-Accounts from Console.

  • Completion: After execution, the Sub-Accounts are no longer accessible from the Console UI. The Console Safeguard with Policy is removed, operators are cleared, and replaced with the Main Console Safe owners, who become the sole owners of the Sub-Account Safe. They can now freely perform transactions on the Sub-Account Safe from

⚠️ Important Considerations

  • The detached Sub-Accounts will no longer have Console Policies applied to them (this means any transaction can be executed by the Safe Owners!)

  • The detached Sub-Account will not be accessible on the Console UI anymore.

  • A detached Sub-Account cannot be re-attached to the Console as Sub-Accounts cannot be imported back.

Proceed with caution. Ensure you have a complete understanding of the process and implications of detaching a Sub-Account.

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