Blast FAQs

  1. What are Blast Points and Gold?

Blast airdrops consist of 50% Gold and 50% Points, with Points earned based on ETH/WETH/USDB balance and Gold earned through dApp interactions.

  1. How do I earn Blast Points and Gold using Brahma for Blast operations?

By using Brahma Console for Blast operations, you earn Points and Gold from dApps used through Console, along with additional Gold from Brahma based on your actions.

  1. Do I earn Points and Gold by holding TVL in Brahma?

Yes, holding > $1,000 in your Console automatically earns you Brahma Blast Gold, with additional earnings from dApp interactions and actions on Console.

  1. Which activities enable me to earn Gold and Points?

Opening positions on Blast protocols, swapping, utilising in-app swap features, and using Brahma Connect all contribute to earning Brahma Blast Gold.

  1. Are all dApps and positions supported?

Supported dApps with positions shown in Debank will reflect in your Console home dashboard.

  1. Does making more volume on dApps mean earning more Gold and Points?

Genuine activity on dApps increases Brahma Blast Gold earning, while spurious/fake volume won't be considered.

  1. When will Brahma start distributing Gold and Points?

Brahma has begun snapshotting user activity since its launch on Blast and started distributing Gold after April 8, 2024. All epochs end in the month of May 2024.

  1. How often is Brahma distributing Gold to its users?

Gold distribution occurs every 3 days, with distributions happening at the end of each epoch.

  1. Where do my points go, and do I earn multipliers on points earned through Console?

Points and Gold are directly earned by your Console Safe wallet, with the option to delegate them to your chosen EOA wallet for compounding.

  1. Why should I delegate my Gold and Points?

Delegating allows for compounding earnings to an EOA wallet with existing reward balances and multipliers.

  1. Will I earn both Console's Gold and the Gold from dApps I'm interacting with

Yes, you automatically earn Gold from dApps used through Console, with the option to auto-transfer to your chosen EOA wallet.

  1. How can I choose which EOA to send my points to?

Follow the activation process on your Console home page to delegate rewards to your preferred EOA wallet.

  1. Can I see the bifurcation of points from different dApps?

No. You will see the total Gold earned from all the dApps you interacted with.

  1. How can I connect my Console to Blast to see my point?

You can see your Points and Gold in the Console homepage

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