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FRAX vault unlocking the power of Gearbox V2 to earn leveraged staked ETH yield.

Vault Overview

Product Link: Top Gear​
Base Asset: FRAX
Onboarding Chain: Ethereum
Strategy Chains: Ethereum
TopGear explainer video
💡 The TopGear DegenVault aims to earn ultra-sound yield on Frax deposits. FRAX is used as collateral on Gearbox V2 to borrow leveraged spot ETH, which is swapped to stETH. The position accrues ETH staking rewards and pays the ETH borrow rate on the leveraged position.
Strategy Type: Risk-Managed Leveraged Yield
Protocol: Gearbox​
Frequency: Anytime deposits with withdrawals processed once a month
Fees: 10% performance fee, 0.5% withdrawal fee to vault
Contracts: Deployed Contracts​
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