Brahma Wiki


The main risks that the vault is exposed to as well as it's mitigants are as follows:
  • Smart Contract Risk: Funds in the vault are exposed to BRAHMA's smart contract risk as well as the smart contract risk of the underlying protocols that funds are deployed in
    • PolyGains DegenVault launched on 27/09/2022. On 09/02/2023, PolyGains v2 launched as a main vault, after over 4 months of live operation and two independent audits (more here Audits)
    • The vault only deploys funds to blue-chip, battle-tested protocols. In this case Curve, Balancer and Perpetual Protocol (only the earned yield)
  • stMATIC price risk: The vault deploys MATIC to the stMATIC/MATIC Curve Pool. The strategy will suffer capital losses if stMATIC price deviates from MATIC’s. Importantly stMATIC is redeemable (after a short cool-down period) which should support peg stability. That being said pool liquidity will constantly be evaluated and Brahma will look to diversify the pool exposure going forward if necessary
    • The health of the pool is continuously monitored using predefined quantitative metrics. Actionable alerts provide early warning signals to prevent capital losses. See Risk and Monitoring for more