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MATIC vault using derivatives to boost Liquidity Provision yield.

Vault Overview

Product Link: PolyGains​
Base Asset: MATIC
Onboarding Chain: Polygon
Strategy Chains: Polygon + Optimism
PolyGains V1 explainer video
💡 PolyGains uses Brahma’s principal protected framework, which allows to boost yield harvested from trusted liquidity pools by means of signal-driven derivative trades. Trading gains are compounded back to the Base Pool.
Strategy Type: Boosted Liquidity Provision Yield
Derivative Trading Venue: Perpetual Protocol​
Frequency: The strategy runs on weekly cycles
Fees: 15% performance fee
Contracts: Deployed Contracts​
Liquidity Pool: Balancer WMATIC/stMATIC (Pool Contract Address) Curve stMATIC/MATIC (Pool Contract Address)
PolyGains DegenVault launched on 27/09/2022. On 09/02/2023, PolyGains v2 launched as a main vault, after over 4 months of live operation and two independent audits.
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