Brahma Wiki

Brahma Vaults

Vaults enabling seamless access to risk-managed, cross-chain strategies for sustainable yield.
Brahma vaults are designed to give users access to decentralized capital management strategies to earn yield with professional risk monitoring in place. These vaults are audited and underwent rigorous testing in their previous beta iteration as Degen Vaults.
Users deposit assets on a non-custodial contract on ETH mainnet and the funds are dynamically routed to dApps on multiple chains, designed to execute yield generating strategies.
The vaults focus on the following:
  • The use of decentralized AMM and derivative trading venues to provide liquidity, earn yield and hedge risk
  • Single-sided asset deposit on ETH Mainnet to reduce complexity
  • Funds routing and bridging are done by the protocol autonomously depending on the chosen optimal allocation for earning a yield
  • Automated risk management (changing of allocation and closing positions when required)
  • Auto-compounding of positions
Quantitative strategies are developed by independent strategists to the protocol, both core contributors and strategists.
BRAHMA Vault currently live: