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Brahma Console
Console is the ultimate DeFi execution environment for asset managers and pro users, providing the security of Safe wallet custody along with enhanced workflows, execution, and advanced access control. With Console, building a custom custody and execution environment becomes effortless, as it allows for the separation of ownership and execution rights, with risk segregation through subaccounts.
A key highlight of Console is its seamless creation of Sub-Accounts within a Safe multi-sig, effectively isolating capital and smart contract risk. Users can easily create Sub-Accounts via the user interface, tailoring specific access control policies. These Sub-Accounts are owned by the Main Safe, while external operators can be granted specific execution rights, ensuring a flexible and secure approach.
Furthermore, Console enables automated execution of transactions, such as TWAP, auto reward-harvesting, or a predefined transaction, automatically facilitating the creation of new Sub-Accounts, segregating and siloing capital and smart contract approvals.
With a unified dashboard for managing all accounts, combined with live position analytics and historical data, Console streamlines the user's experience.
Console is built on top of Safe, leveraging the most trusted wallet infrastructure securing over $58 billion of assets.
Users can always access their Safe Wallet at since their funds remain in their custody and ownership, even if Console's UI weren’t to be accessible. This aspect sets Console apart from many custody solutions today, offering users unmatched control and accessibility over their DeFi positions.
Smart contract wallet custody brings unique benefits, including full programmability for ownership, policies, execution, gasless signatures, and batched and automated transactions, offering self custody and ease of recovery and management in any situation.
Console represents the epitome of professional DeFi execution tools, with a primary focus on access control and security. It's specifically tailored for Asset Managers, DAOs, and experienced users, offering a powerful platform for advanced DeFi operations.