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Deployed Contracts

PMUSDC Smart Contracts

Convex Frax Trade Executor: 0x819d4D3061EDcdac17ba34EC95c2e6520882f79b​
Convex SUSD Trade Executor: 0xcF4cb769E15351Ed89977785334D0EE0c4825EB2​
Harvester deployed to: 0x2022C855CeefD7759dBbb5bB7A8F14C82688646A​
Perp L2 Position Manager: 0x1b6BF7Ab4163f9a7C1D4eCB36299525048083B5e​
Lyra L1 Trade Executor: 0xF80CDF0ffD1cf7f65abE965D70ba8da5A4243c8f​
Lyra L2 Position Manager: 0xDf47D2784B67693a283c7ef9bAE51d8593908A42​

ETH MAXI Smart Contracts

Convex stETH Trade Executor: 0xce0e979F6C5b3d8a70901Ec4Cf0618f9fb722755​
Lyra L1 Trade Executor: 0x3a32BecC41115b4Aa8bD8614301AeBB9bB11258b​
Lyra L2 Position Manager: 0x0A9A47f9c19b486237A398c27bAFC60cac2Cb15C​


The Governance multisig is a Gnosis contract with currently 8 signers from the Brahma core contributor team. Decentralization of governance is underway by including external signers.