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Brahma FAQs
What is Brahma?
Brahma builds solutions to make DeFi execution and custody efficient. Brahma focuses on improving the UX of performing and automating DeFi interactions from self custody, while mitigating security risks involved in the process. Brahma Console is the cornerstone of this vision, providing a holistic solution for on-chain self-custody and transaction execution, with advanced access control and automation capabilities designed for a multi-player, team experience.
Before building Console, Brahma built and operated multiple Smart Contract Vaults for automating on-chain operations. Brahma Vaults have ceased operations for the team to focus fully on Console, which offers an upgraded, scalable, and more secure architecture for automations.
Did Brahma raise outside funding?
Yes, Brahma has raised from renowned investors such as Framework, Greenfield, Maven11, Zee Prime Capital, Cherry, Dialectic, Bitscale, and more.
Does Brahma have a token?
Are Brahma vaults still operational?
Brahma Vaults has reached the conclusion of its operational phase, paving the way for our dedicated focus on the advanced Brahma Console. Currently, Vaults have transitioned to a withdrawal-only mode, accessible to all users with existing deposits. We strongly advise our users to promptly withdraw their funds, as they are no longer actively managed and remain idle in the vaults. A recap of the vaults and more details can be found here.
Console FAQs
1. What is the timeline for Brahma Console’s Main release?
Brahma Consoles Alpha Phase has rolled out across multiple releases with 1:1 team feedback loops throughout.
The pilot launch entailed features for delegated operational set-up via Sub-Account modules, Transaction policies set-up, and granular access control. With an initial DCA automation capability via CoWswap, Console also enlisted preferential gas payment token selection, ERC-20-enabled deposits, advanced transaction management, and batched executions.
Brahma Console is set for its main release in December 2023 with advanced automation and execution capabilities on your Safe with capabilities to pre-approve specific automation routines and further deepen transaction policies for asset managers, DAOs, teams, and individuals.
2. What is the initial fee structure charted for Console users?
Refer to the fee section.
3. What is a Safe Plugin (Safe Module)?
In the Safe protocol, Safe Plugins are utilised to extend Safe wallet functionalities. These act as smart contracts, implementing custom features while keeping the module logic separate from Safe's core contract.
4. How does Console automate actions without taking custody of funds?
Console leverages the secure infrastructure of Safe, a non-custodial smart account layer, and strengthens it with Console Safe Plugin and Hooks to automate transactions based on user-defined triggers without retaining custody of your funds. The funds are always sitting in the user's Safe, while the execution of a transaction is delegated to a bot, based on a specific trigger.
5. What are the risks involved in using Console Automations?
As specified in the risks assessment tab.


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