Brahma Wiki

Monitoring Tools

Decentralised Finance provides the utmost transparency with all necessary information accessible to all participants onchain. Brahma leverages this transparency by developing a suite of monitoring tools to provide real-time risk monitoring of base pools.

Stablecoin Pool Parameters

Certain parameters and information from Curve stablecoin pools can provide insight into the health of stablecoin. Key information that is monitored includes:
  • Exit Liquidity
  • Proportion of pool reserves
  • Current stablecoin price
  • Stablecoin circulating supply

Stableswap Simulations

Central to Brahma's stablecoin pool monitoring is the ability to perform simulations on the state of the stablecoin pool. Curve's stableswap has been implemented in Python allows for a much more comprehensive analysis of stablecoin pool risks. The state of a liquidity pool can be modelled by simulating swaps to determine how the pool will respond in stress events. Key risk parameters such as the amount of volume required to depeg a coin by a certain percentage are obtained using these simulations.

Stablecoin Pool Health

The various pool parameters and results of the stableswap simulations are combined into a final pool health rating.

Automated Alerts

Backend infrastructure ensures that pools are monitored round the clock with automated alerts set up to provide actionable warnings in the event of a significant change in the health of a pool.

User Interfaces

Users will also be able to see the stablecoin pool parameters in the Frontend as well as by messaging the relevant Discord bot.