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USDC single-sided vault using derivatives to boost Liquidity Provider yield.
πŸ’‘ This vault uses the yield earned from liquidity provision "base yield" to take leveraged derivatives positions to create an enhanced return while keeping users' principal in blue-chip liquidity pools with active risk monitoring.

Vault Details

Product Link: PMUSDC​
Base Asset: USDC
Onboarding Chain: ETH
Strategy Chains: ETH + Optimism
Strategy Type: Boosted Stablecoin Yield
Derivative Trading Venue: Perpetual Protocol and Lyra Finance​
Frequency: The strategy runs on weekly cycles
Fees: 15% performance fee applied to positive performance weeks
Stablecoin Pools: Frax3crv-Pool (Staked on Convex) Pool Contract Address DAI+USDC+USDT+SUSD (Staked on Convex) Pool Contract Address​

Vault Flow

  • User deposits $USDC in the vault on the ETH mainnet.
  • The principal is allocated to multiple liquidity pools optimized for risk, liquidity, and yield by the vault (for example Frax 3CRV- Pool ~Staked on Convex).
  • The vault harvests the interest earned in the pool weekly, bridges it to Optimism, and uses it to open a derivative position, which can be either an option or perpetual swap trade.
    • The position can be either long or short, determined by momentum trading strategies with take profit and stop loss targets. The strategy backtest can be found here.
  • The interest is bridged and transferred across protocols and chains by BRAHMA smart contracts. (Currently, we use to bridge across chains)
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Vault Details
Vault Flow