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USDC single-sided vault using derivatives to boost Liquidity Provider yield.
💡 This vault uses the yield earned from liquidity provision "base yield" to take leveraged derivatives positions to create an enhanced return while keeping users' principal in blue-chip liquidity pools with active risk monitoring.

Vault Details

Product Link: PMUSDC​
Base Asset: USDC
Onboarding Chain: ETH
Strategy Chains: ETH + Optimism
Strategy Type: Boosted Stablecoin Yield
Derivative Trading Venue: Perpetual Protocol and Lyra Finance​
Frequency: The strategy runs on weekly cycles
Fees: 15% performance fee applied to positive performance weeks
Stablecoin Pools: Frax3crv-Pool (Staked on Convex) Pool Contract Address DAI+USDC+USDT+SUSD (Staked on Convex) Pool Contract Address​

Vault Flow

  • User deposits $USDC in the vault on the ETH mainnet.
  • The principal is allocated to multiple liquidity pools optimized for risk, liquidity, and yield by the vault (for example Frax 3CRV- Pool ~Staked on Convex).
  • The vault harvests the interest earned in the pool weekly, bridges it to Optimism, and uses it to open a derivative position, which can be either an option or perpetual swap trade.
    • The position can be either long or short, determined by momentum trading strategies with take profit and stop loss targets. The strategy backtest can be found here.
  • The interest is bridged and transferred across protocols and chains by BRAHMA smart contracts. (Currently, we use to bridge across chains)
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